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Locally Produced Bratwurst and Old World Meat Products from Nolechek's Meats in Thorp, WI

Specialty Fresh Bratwurst

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Apricot-Dijon Bratwurst - Apricot preserves add a touch of sweetness with a nice Dijon mustard bite.

NEW!  Black Umami - Made with Black Garlic, this brat takes "earthy and savory" to the next level.  The black garlic is grown, roasted, and fermented in Wisconsin.  

Bleu Cheese Bratwurst - Made with creamy Bleu cheese crumbles, this one is a must have for any Bleu cheese lover.

The Bacon Bleu Bratwurst - Two wonderful flavors paired together. Nolechek's famous Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon with a hint of honey, complemented by creamy Bleu cheese crumbles.

Brat 'N' Kraut  - Plenty of German-style sauerkraut, with caraway and brown sugar, is packed into this brat.

Cheddar Bratwurst - For the die hard cheese lovers. The Traditional Bratwurst filled with melty cheddar cheese.

Chaddywurst - This brat is rich with the flavor combination of Nolechek's Hickory Smoked Honey Cured Bacon and cheddar cheese, with a hint of onion and garlic.

Green & Gold Bratwurst - Made especially for Green Bay Packers fan or anyone who may enjoy spicy jalapenos, cool green bell peppers, and melty cheddar cheese all in one brat.

Jalapeno Bratwurst - The great flavor of our Traditional Bratwurst paired with great jalapeno flavor and the perfect amount of heat.

Inferno Bratwurst - The name says it all! This brat is made with cayenne and jalapeno peppers. It's H-O-T!

Mango Habanero Bratwurst - A little sweet with lots of heat! First you taste the sweet mango and then the bite of the Habanero follows. Can you handle it?

Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst - The perfect balance of mushroom and rich Swiss cheese taste.

Philly Cheese Steak Bratwurst - Complete with Provolone cheese, it will remind you of the sandwich.

Bratwurst with Wild Rice and Dried Cranberries - The one that started the specialty brat craze at Nolechek's. Great wild rice flavor with a hint of sweetness from locally grown cranberries.

Bratwurst with Smoked Gouda - Our Traditional Brat takes on a hickory smoked undertone from Marieke Gouda Smoked Gouda, made locally in Thorp.

Bratwurst with Onion Garlic Gouda - Rich Marieke Gouda Onion & Garlic Gouda combined with our Traditional Brat makes this flavor combo something to savor.

All specialty fresh bratwurst are 20 oz. average, 5 per package

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