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delicious Polish sausage from Nolechek's Meats in Thorp, WI

Polish Sausage

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Garlic Polish Sausage - One of our most popular items! Mild garlic flavor. Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked
12 oz average

Plain Polish Sausage - No garlic, Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked
12 oz average

Garlic Polish Sausage with Mustard Seed - Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked
12 oz average

Coarse Ground, Garlic Flavored Polish Sausage - Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked
12 oz average

Smoked Polish Sausage with Sauerkraut - The Kraut is in the Polish Sausage! Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked.
12 oz average

Short Polish Sausage - Mild garlic flavor. Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked. Fits on a bun!
12 oz average, 4 per pack, 

Andouille - A spicy, southern style smoked sausage. Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked.
11 oz average

Slovenian Sausage - Similar to polish sausage, but with more garlic and more black pepper. Hickory Smoked, Fully Cooked.
11 oz average

Fresh Polish Sausage/Holiday Sausage - Unsmoked, uncooked polish sausage with garlic, sometimes referred to as Easter Sausage.
18 oz average


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