Old World Sampler Pack

13.0 lb

Enjoy a taste of the Locally Produced Quality Meatsold world!  This sampler contains the products our grandparents know all about, that are often hard to find. Nolechek's takes pride in continuing the long-standing tradition of crafting these products from the same recipes used over 60 years ago.

Locally Produced Quality MeatsKishka: A traditional blood sausage made with pork, pork skins, buckwheat, barley, and beef blood.

Locally Produced Quality MeatsJaternice: A Bohemian-style sausage, made with pork, barley, pork skins, and pork snouts. Half the fun is trying to pronounce it!

Locally Produced Quality MeatsCoarse Ground Natural Casing Wieners: Our family recipe, including nutmeg, paprika, coriander, and allspice. Rich and full of flavor.

Locally Produced Quality MeatsOriginal SalamiCoarse ground pork, paired with garlic and cracked black pepper, this salami is aged for a month to develop a texture and flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more.

Locally Produced Quality MeatsCoarse Ground Garlic Polish Sausage: Mild garlic flavor, paired with the coarse grind, make this sausage burst with flavor.

Locally Produced Quality MeatsCoarse Ground Ring BolognaOur own family recipe.